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2.   Garments and required materials are ordered

3.   Artwork is created or your art is tweaked as needed

4.   A proof is sent out for approval or changes

       (if changes are needed, back to step 3)

5.    Approved art is color separated

6.    Film is output with separated images (one for each color)

7.    Screens are degreased, washed and readied for prep

8.    Screens are coated with a photo-sensitive emulsion and left to dry

12.  Screens are set and aligned on the press

11.  Screen is then taped and blocked around image

9.    Film output is placed on emulsified screen and exposed in a UV unit to create image

10.  Screen is washed out under high pressure to remove emulsion from image

14.  Garment is removed from platten carefully and placed on a belt dryer to cure the ink.

15.  Garment are inspected, counted and folded for packaging.

16.  Screens are taken down, ink removed, tape removed to prepare for emulsion removal.

18.  Invoice is prepared, ordered picked up and payment received.

13.  Ink is applied to the garment

17.  Screens are cleaned and dried

1.   Your order written and downpayment received

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